Spring Drama Paper Finally it’s Not On Demand

During the 1930s to the 1950s, the American public was dealing with separate periods of struggle and growth. During the Great Depression, America’s economy struggled, and many people suffered due to this, but when the ’50s hit WWII had brought the economy back and the majority of the public didn’t suffer anymore. Two plays written about this time period address these 2 different topics and use families that weren’t able to forget the past and make a new better life for themselves.

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The Fyre Festival

The Fyre Festival was arguably one of the biggest let downs and controversies of 2017. Promised a luxurious music festival located on the beautiful beaches of the Bahamas, attendees were shocked to see that the festival they spent thousands of dollars to experience did not live up its glamourous expectations. The Fyre festival was a complete disaster, this is due to founders Billy McFarland and Ja Rule’s inability to manage properly,

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Federal Bureau of Investigation

Throughout history, minorities have been the primary target of discrimination and hate crime. According to statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), in 2017, over 8,500 hate crimes were executed against those of a minority race, gender, or sexual orientation.   (FBI, 2017) During the 20th century, laws were not in place to protect minorities and this led to countless crimes being committed against minority groups.

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