Modern Man PM – Night Time Fat Burner & Sleep Aid, Caffeine Free Weight Loss & Stress Relief Supplement for Men With Ashwagandha

$ 26.59

WITHOUT REST, YOU AREN'T YOUR BEST – Conquering the daily grind begins with sustained excellence on a continual basis. Elevating yourself, begins with ALWAYS bringing your “A game”. The moment you slip is the moment creates an opportunity for another and that constant “grind” induces stress, tension and general fatigue. If you can’t combat them, they will shatter your progression. The functionality of Modern Man PM was forged on preventing these detractors and maximizing restoration.





4 month ago

Nugenix was the last supplement I was taking and even though this has completely different claims it did things I wanted Nugenix to deliver on, purely because I think sleep is that important. I've actually seen increases in my strength and weight lifting numbers while taking this. I pass out every time I take it. Usually just one but occasionally I'll take two and one or two nights out of the week I don't take it at all.

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